Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Accenture's board approves moving incorporation to Ireland

Accenture's board unanimously approved changing the company's place of incorporation from Bermuda to Ireland, the consultancy said in a statement. Accenture's shareholders will vote on the move in the following three to four months.

The company will stay registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and trade shares on the New York Stock Exchange.

The leaders of the management and technology consulting firm do not expect the move to result in any material change in Accenture's operations, financial results or tax treatment.

Accenture CEO William D. Green said: "We believe that incorporating in Ireland will provide Accenture with economic benefits and help ensure our continued global competitiveness."

"A member of the European Union, Ireland offers a sophisticated, well-developed corporate, legal and regulatory environment," he added. "In addition, Ireland offers a stable political and economic environment and has the financial and legal infrastructure to meet Accenture's needs, both today and in the future."

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