Tuesday, May 11, 2010

M Squared Consulting names new CEO

M Squared Consulting, a workforce professional services firm, named John Kunzweiler as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Kunzweiler replaces Marion McGovern, M Squared’s legendary founder and industry pioneer.

Kunzweiler’s appointment comes at a pivotal time in the consulting industry as more and more client companies reconsider the traditional full-time employee structure while, conversely, the workforce itself is undergoing revolutionary change. “The flexible workforce will comprise an ever-greater share of the working population going forward,” said Kunzweiler. “And the organizations that intelligently harness this strategic asset will emerge as the leaders.”

Corporate downsizing, coupled with the desire by many professionals to pursue new career paths has fueled an entirely new workforce that is more experienced, more capable and more driven to achieve quantifiable results than ever before. Smart businesses today understand that a high-end flexible workforce provides the strategic solutions they need to succeed and thrive. M Squared Consulting helps companies by providing skilled professionals and targeted expertise to solve critical business problems.

Kunzweiler is an experienced consulting executive, having served 26 years at Accenture in key leadership positions such as Global Managing Partner of Alliances, Joint Ventures and Venture Capital. Since leaving Accenture, Kunzweiler has served as a board member for several business, civic, and non-profit organizations.

With a proven history of developing strategic alliances and third-party relationships on a global scale, Kunzweiler is well-suited in his new leadership role as CEO at M Squared Consulting as the company continues to expand its offerings and services. The company has dedicated practices in Financial Services, Life Sciences, and Technology and provides consulting solutions in many other industries as well. With its innovative cloud consulting business model, M Squared offers an unprecedented level of flexibility and scalability for both clients and consultants.

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