Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Deloitte ranked second largest energy consulting organisation

Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory recently released the results of its report, "Energy Consulting Marketplace 2009-2012," in which tax and consulting firm Deloitte is ranked second largest energy consulting organisation by aggregate global revenue and leader in several related categories.

The report states:
  • Deloitte ranks as the second largest organization for energy consulting by measure of aggregate global revenue.
  • Deloitte is a leader for energy consulting by a measure of aggregate global revenue.
  • Deloitte is a leader in energy consulting capabilities and has the greatest breadth of capability of any organization.
  • Deloitte has one of the largest and strongest upstream practices.
  • Deloitte is one of only two organizations with at least 5 percent aggregate market share.

Aiming to facilitate solution development and client service, the consulting giant and its member firms have established Centers of Excellence for oil and gas in a number of cities across the globe: London, Madrid, Rotterdam, Moscow, Oslo, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Singapore, Dubai, Calgary, Houston, Washington, and others.

In the report, Kennedy Consulting points out a number of Deloitte's strengths and capabilities in the oil and gas consulting industry, including strong IT consulting, risk managemenent, support, and industry-specific capabilities in the energy sector.

Dick Cooper, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (DTT) Global Energy Consulting Leader commented on the report, saying, "To help Deloitte member firms’ oil & gas clients address issues critical to the industry, including carbon management, ongoing cost management regulatory complexity, ongoing mergers and acquisitions, and health and safety, Deloitte has executed a number of acquisitions of smaller consulting firms around the world, which has greatly strengthened Deloitte’s client service offerings and capabilities. Over the past several years, Deloitte member firms have also been developing services in the area of climate change and carbon markets, resulting in a geographically diverse group of advisors who have successfully built significant practices in this area."

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